AOSP-Shamu – 07-14-2015

I rebased the ROM to android-5.1.1_r5 to include Wi-Fi calling (for those on supported networks – Don’t ask me to add support!). Added some needed fixes, such as the USB OTG notification removal. Some other things were not that necessary (some materialised images) but I felt were ok. If there is a demand for the old sounds, I can add those back, I guess.


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UltimaROM-Shamu – 06-30-2015

UltimaROM-Shamu 06-30-2015


Welcome to the first upload of UltimaROM-Shamu for the Motorola Nexus 6!

Many of you won’t be familiar with UltimaROM, but I hope that at least some of you are!? This is the first time I’ve brought the ROM ethos to the Nexus line, after spending years making TouchWiz devices look and feel like one!

As always, this will be my daily driver. You will be using the same ROM as I am!

I also worked extensively on the JFLTE-GPE project for the Samsung Galaxy S4, which brought many AOSP/CM mods to the GPE variant. You can expect the same on the Nexus 6 😉

This is the initial upload. Things are very sparse right now. I will be adding features as we go along. For not, it is still Odex’d, using the boot.oat and has absolutely no mods outside of disabling forced encryption and my own OTA Updates app. All Google apps are still in their original form. I’m also still using LMY47Z as my base as this is what my particular Nexus updated to OTA.

Bare with me as I acclimatise to this new device, and look forward to an excellent ROM.


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Google Play Edition 06-21-2015

The problems with Alucard Kernel should now be greatly reduced. The battery drain seems to be fixed and the IR blaster works properly (replaced the IR drivers with stock GPE ones).

I’ve readded in GMail as default (you can replace it with the AOSP one using the addon).

I fixed the disabling buttons and menu to recents problems by having the Interface app flash a file in recovery using OpenRecoveryScript. Please immediately reboot to recovery to perform this action.

I’m trailing some settings in the build.prop that have some OpenGL optimisations from the TouchWiz Lollipop Official. We’ll see how they go.

I’m still developing the stock kernel, so it will be some time before that’s out.



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Google Play Edition 06-14-2015

Alucard kernel 1.4a GE 5.0 now replaces googy kernel as the default. It’s now more up to date as I worked with alucard_24 to forward port all his CM12 kernel changes to Google Edition. The stock GE kernel is available as an addon, the other can be downloaded from their respective threads.

Removed the options in AROMA now as I have integrated DPI changing into interface, and there is no kernel choice any more. This should allow for unattended installs when doing OTA’s in the future.


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Google Play Edition 06-01-2015

Another maintenance update.

I’m still waiting for Samsung to pull their finger out out. So I updated some apps, added in the Google Photos app, which now works independently of Google+, and doesn’t FC without it.

I have some cool stuff to add to the addons section, tomorrow, I will post in the thread when I have added everything.



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Google Play Edition 04-19-2015

Another maintaince update.

I’m still snowed up with school work, and life, but I needed to address the Gmail bug that has been plaguing people, and I took this opportunity to change the format of the installer to make this easier for OTA updates in the future. This is down to plans for delta style OTA’s becoming available on RomHut sometime over the summer, which will mean smaller OTA’s for those that opt for them!


As a consequence the installer has been slimmed down and many of the options moved to the Addons section of RomHut and the OTA app. This should mean smaller downloads for many people, but those who used the optional material can still get them and install along with the ROM. This will include all of the removed Google apps.

Kryten and Dan

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Google Play Edition 03-15-2015

Bit of a maintenance update.

Nothing much new has been added to the ROM. I’ve updated some apps. Found that the AOSP Email application now works properly, so I’ve removed GMail and replaced it with that. I also added, at everyone’s request, Viper4Android. I actually quite like it, so good call everyone!

I’ve been updating the theming of the Material Dark themed contacts, settings and dialer. I found some proper Material Dark conventions information from Google and updated accordingly.

Finally, the OTA Updates app took a sizeable leap in features. Including Add ons for the ROM, which currently just includes a stock Google Apps package that includes all the Gapps we removed.


Kryten and Dan

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