v13.0- XXEMD3 – Ramuh – Released!


UltimaROM v13 sees the return of the “Standard” version by popular demand! This version doesn’t include the choices of the Ultimate version and instead has a preconfigured set of apps.

Where applicable, the themed AOSP apps are used (Mms, Contacts, EMail, Browser, etc) as well as any themed apps. All System apps/”Bloat” is removed. Instead, if you want to configure the ROM further you should download the packages from the Mods section of the website, or the OTA app on the ROM. Flashing these files you can configure certain features as you would in the Ultimate package!

The kernel for Standard is Boeffla, by AndiP and the modem and RIL are the latest XXEMD3 versions (XXEMB6, I believe). Again, these can be changed from the Mods section downloads.

Finally, if you want to change kernels to a different one, you should use the package in the mods section to do this. Even if the one included in it is out of date, it will set the Kernels page of the Advanced Settings app properly, then you can flash the most recent package from the kernel dev.

Important Bugfix

During the installation, the Stock Power Toggles or bar options are not working correctly and doesn’t install the stock toggles. This is fixed using the OTA file “UltimaROM_Power_Toggles_AROMA.zip” from here: http://ultimarom.com/rom/files/mods/?dir=XXEMD3 which will correctly install your chosen toggles.

If you’re having issues with the pwoer toggles, please try this file.

UltimaROM v13.0 Ramuh

  • Updated to latest Jelly Bean Firmware XXEMD3
  • Updated ALL Mods to XXEMD3 base
  • Added 1% Battery Mod to Advanced Settings
  • Added AOSP Contacts and Dialler
  • Added HTC Lockscreen
  • Added Rotary Lockscreen
  • Removed Bottom 25 Toggles postion
  • Added Transparent/Colour Notification picker
  • Added Alarm Icon Toggle
  • Added Tab Slider and AOSP styled Tab Slider Lockscreen
  • Added Battery Bar
  • Added Toggles, Signal Icon and Battery Colour chooser
  • Removed many things from the installer to save space. Xperia Z Keyboard, WeatherLove Widget (get from market), LG Weather
  • Rotating Lockscreen removed as it messes with newer Lockscreens (sorry!)
  • Fixed S4 icons
  • Fixed S4 Sounds
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Updated a number of other apps
  • Updated and fixed Samsung Link
  • Added Google Hangouts (replacing Talk) and themed version.
  • Removed Swipe Dialler (unnecessary now with the AOSP Contacts)
  • Stock Google 4.1.2 Calculator replaces Samsung one (smaller, better RAM footprint)
  • Added Video Editor from Nexus 7 ROM
  • Fixed AOSP Vibration and IME Toggle (no longer have to toggle on and off to make it work)
  • Added Wakelag fix toggle – read the information carefully and decide if it’s for you. YMMV.
  • Fixed Lockscreen torch. Now you hold the home button to activate. The screen doesn’t go off while you have the Torch running.
  • Fixed Call Recording mod (including the delay). You can now switch off the recording button.
  • Added battery full notification toggle and low battery warning toggle.
  • Added TricksterMOD app for configuring Kernels (alongisde their respective apps, if any)
  • Added Blocking Mode toggle in settings
  • Added ExternalSD2InternalSD toggle in settings


Ultimate – 1638MB


Standard - 683MB



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  • https://profiles.google.com/111042801491759012262 Saleh said

    Dear Kryten2k35,,
    I had to log in just to say thank you for this amazing rom, it is by far the best rom I have ever used on my S3, it has everything for everyone I believe. I truly appreciate your great work.

    Kind regards

    • https://profiles.google.com/115569024911243670268 alexis ramirez

      hello I’m from costarica and me are many Latinos who use this great rom. which I would like to be in Spanish or have a parallel page official the Latino community.
      I commented that I marveled at this rom roms’m a follower and I am glad I have this 12.1 version the version 13 I like it because is limited. the only thing I see wrong is this battery does not have the desired duration (v12.1) is ending too soon I wonder if that’s normal? …….. thanks!

      • https://www.facebook.com/daniel191668 Daniel Hernandez

        Im from Costa Rica too!

        Downloading v13, coming from 12.0