v13.0- XXEMD3 – Ramuh – Released!


UltimaROM v13 sees the return of the “Standard” version by popular demand! This version doesn’t include the choices of the Ultimate version and instead has a preconfigured set of apps.

Where applicable, the themed AOSP apps are used (Mms, Contacts, EMail, Browser, etc) as well as any themed apps. All System apps/”Bloat” is removed. Instead, if you want to configure the ROM further you should download the packages from the Mods section of the website, or the OTA app on the ROM. Flashing these files you can configure certain features as you would in the Ultimate package!

The kernel for Standard is Boeffla, by AndiP and the modem and RIL are the latest XXEMD3 versions (XXEMB6, I believe). Again, these can be changed from the Mods section downloads.

Finally, if you want to change kernels to a different one, you should use the package in the mods section to do this. Even if the one included in it is out of date, it will set the Kernels page of the Advanced Settings app properly, then you can flash the most recent package from the kernel dev.

Important Bugfix

During the installation, the Stock Power Toggles or bar options are not working correctly and doesn’t install the stock toggles. This is fixed using the OTA file “UltimaROM_Power_Toggles_AROMA.zip” from here: http://ultimarom.com/rom/files/mods/?dir=XXEMD3 which will correctly install your chosen toggles.

If you’re having issues with the pwoer toggles, please try this file.

UltimaROM v13.0 Ramuh

  • Updated to latest Jelly Bean Firmware XXEMD3
  • Updated ALL Mods to XXEMD3 base
  • Added 1% Battery Mod to Advanced Settings
  • Added AOSP Contacts and Dialler
  • Added HTC Lockscreen
  • Added Rotary Lockscreen
  • Removed Bottom 25 Toggles postion
  • Added Transparent/Colour Notification picker
  • Added Alarm Icon Toggle
  • Added Tab Slider and AOSP styled Tab Slider Lockscreen
  • Added Battery Bar
  • Added Toggles, Signal Icon and Battery Colour chooser
  • Removed many things from the installer to save space. Xperia Z Keyboard, WeatherLove Widget (get from market), LG Weather
  • Rotating Lockscreen removed as it messes with newer Lockscreens (sorry!)
  • Fixed S4 icons
  • Fixed S4 Sounds
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Updated a number of other apps
  • Updated and fixed Samsung Link
  • Added Google Hangouts (replacing Talk) and themed version.
  • Removed Swipe Dialler (unnecessary now with the AOSP Contacts)
  • Stock Google 4.1.2 Calculator replaces Samsung one (smaller, better RAM footprint)
  • Added Video Editor from Nexus 7 ROM
  • Fixed AOSP Vibration and IME Toggle (no longer have to toggle on and off to make it work)
  • Added Wakelag fix toggle – read the information carefully and decide if it’s for you. YMMV.
  • Fixed Lockscreen torch. Now you hold the home button to activate. The screen doesn’t go off while you have the Torch running.
  • Fixed Call Recording mod (including the delay). You can now switch off the recording button.
  • Added battery full notification toggle and low battery warning toggle.
  • Added TricksterMOD app for configuring Kernels (alongisde their respective apps, if any)
  • Added Blocking Mode toggle in settings
  • Added ExternalSD2InternalSD toggle in settings


Ultimate – 1638MB


Standard - 683MB



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36 Responses to v13.0- XXEMD3 – Ramuh – Released!

  1. Dave says:

    Love it, Love it, Love it. Was a little sceptical in doing this but after choosing many custom roms I finally went with yours and simply “Love It”. I use my phone for company use and found, apart from the heavy battery usage on Sammy Stock, it was boggin down chronically ,.. All that is now behind me. Only one gripe I have is the inability to receive an MMS? Maybe you might have an idea on this.
    V13 has only got to be better … I’ll definaetly be giving a go. Thanks for the great work


  2. Hello…
    I have v12.1 without the patch v12.1.1
    can I install v13.0 without a wipe? would the battery drain that I posted before be fixed as well as the very slow charging?

    • Kryten2k35 says:

      The slow charging thing is a cable issue, for sure (I replaced all mine with official Samsung “Fast charge” cables and everything is back to normal. IF you’re using stock, one of the wires inside may have broken)

      As for no wipe… I would wipe, at least, the system partition (there’s an option for it in the installer) and leave the data partitions alone and see how you go!

      • MG Trainee says:

        Hello Kryten2K35

        I have the same issue since the upgrade charging is slow.
        This only occurs when using the thick USB3 cable shipped with SGSIII and doesn’t occur with the Galaxy Nexus USB2 cable.

        Thanks for all of your work!
        Very much appreciated!

      • Im from v12 too, I only have to wipe system or I do the other wipes ?

      • hello my friend, I’ve a problem with the installation cuz when de Aroma launcher start installing the v.13 never ends to 100% always in 80% and when the systems try to in stock in the ultimarom logo and never start or viber the phone. whats the problem here can u help me? the same things happend useing the v12.1. I made the 3 wipes before star the installation.


  3. everything ok except that the contacts doesn’t work it closes

  4. Dirk V. says:

    Hi there,
    have some problems with TocuhWiz-Start. Everytime i would go to the next homescreen i become the note that TouchWiz-Start Service has stopped. Any ideas?

  5. Do I have to wipe data/Factory reset? If I am updating from UltimaROM V12 Or cleaning cache is enough?
    I do not want to lose my applications and settings so what are the options?

  6. Hey mate, awesome rom i must say at first, i didn’t have 1 bigger problem from the start(except for the sammy browser not syncing correctly and the moded one always buging up when searching from the url bar). Also i’d like somethings in it as optional(maybe a few other people aswell would like it)- like homescreen modes(sammy) if that wouldn’t be too much of a hassle, lockscreens(bb10, lg optimus, tourch, ink effect-the part you added in advanced settings) and ofcourse the thing that i don’t use but what i believe to consume the most RAM- sammys motion controls.

  7. I am having problem with Call recording I can’t hear myself clearly in the recordings. I havent had this problem in V12. Anyone else having same issue?

  8. I have an solved issue, the stock power toggles are swapped with the 25 power toggles with/text bar.

  9. Kryten exelente laburo te felicito desde argentina muchas gracias por un trabajo tremendo jose luis

  10. Up & Running, and works Great! Thanks a lot Kryten!….but……Wheater Love is no more! :( jaja

    Also, the Wake Lag Mod is something great. I’m testing it to see how much the battery duration goes down.


  11. i have a little problem while using the stock samsung clock, i can’t add other alarm tone from my music library. When i select “add” its just closing the alarm tone menu.

  12. Nice v.13! Just got 1 problem, with the stock email app, when attaching images the email application will just exit and says closed. I need the stock email app because it has built-in image re-sizing capabilities. Any help guys? I’m using yahoomail btw. Thanks. God bless

  13. Mc Cocs says:

    New E-Mail notification does not appear on the top bar any more. The watch in the lock screen cannot be disabled from NOVA launcher setting.

  14. First I have to say that UltimaROM is an amazing ROM, great job Kryten!
    I’ve encountered one problem after updating to Ramuh, though, the S Planner widget has disappeared.

    • I found another, a bit more pressing issue:
      Something seams to be wrong with mobile networking. My phone doesn’t find the SIM card, I’ve got no reception and when I go to Settings > More settings > Mobile Networks it tells me that I have to insert my SIM Card. And I’ve tried reinserting it several times. I realized I’d installed a modem not coming with UltimaROM so I reinstalled Ultima with no result. I did a Super Wipe when I installed v13 the first time.
      I’ve gone back to v12.1 and it’s working now.

  15. Dear Kryten2k35,
    Now that jellybean 4.2.2 has been filtered and some rom like omega has it, are you in a mediate time will be realeasing an upgrade to upgrade our JB 4.1.2 to V4.2.2.
    I’ll wait with v13 until it happens.

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